20 August 2019

Jura 10yo Origin

It may not be entirely our taste, but we can’t deny the fact that many starting whisky lovers find in Jura a good starting point.

We often referenced a certain hint to ‘an almond urinal block’, which is definitely not something you’d say is mouthwatering. But as with many other notes in whisky, this wouldn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. We obviously never tasted those so called urinal cakes, just like we haven’t tasted tarry ropes or car tires which we find in other whiskies. Its character stands out, that’s for sure.

So we went for a blind taste with some of our tasting participants (which were at the beginning of their journey, that must be said). The result was pretty surprising:

Tasting notes


Sweet Danish pastries, almonds, honey, earthy, lavender and peaches.


Soft, creamy and supple. Spicy oak, perfume, lavender, cedar wood and lots of baked fruits.


Warm and fruity, with pineapple, vanilla, lemon zest, cedar and an earthy whiff.

Jura 10yo Origin is bottled at 40% ABV. Everyone liked it for its uncomplicated smoothness and fruitiness, with just a hint of earthiness from the heather-like peat. It reminded us a bit of the Aberfeldy 16yo, but more watered down and a tad less balanced.