Whisky Score Card

Tasting whisky is very personal, just like anything else. Is blue your favourite colour? Mine is green.

I try to keep my reviews as neutral as possible. Simply by writing down everything I see, smell and taste. However, adding a score is much more personal, and it depends on taste and how you feel at that moment. Luckily my taste is very broad (I like a lot). So I didn’t want to make this harder than it should be.

My scores are based on simple questions, like:

Should I have this in my collection?


It’s enjoyable, but is it special enough to justify the price tag?

And there you have it, my simple but effective score card:

60-69Down the sink!
75-79Drinkable, not really mind-blowing
80-84Enjoyable, worthwhile to try once or twice
85-89Good to have in your cabinet once in a while
90-94Delicious, be sure to always have one at hand