26 December 2018

Aberfeldy 16yo

Aberfeldy has been off our radar for some years now. Dion owned a 12yo in back in the days and it was a perfectly smooth whisky for us at the time. But we were mere beginners and when our journey proceeded, we didn’t really consider Aberfeldy anymore.

It was before the rebranding that happened three years ago, so it’s about time we revisit the distillery, but now with the Aberfeldy 16yo. Santa was kind enough the gift me a bottle for Christmas, so let’s be a good lad and write some notes.

This bottle has been matured on both bourbon and sherry casks and was bottled at 40% ABV. Would’ve been nice if it was a tad higher, but as you know, we only judge by taste, so here we go:

Tasting notes


Smooth and sweet, soft orchard fruits, a hint of earth, cinnamon and rose hip jam.


Very soft and creamy, with dried apples, raspberry and strawberry, leather and an earthy hint.


Dried apples and cinnamon, balancing between sweet red fruits and spicy wood. It’s almost like there’s a trace of peat, but it could also be the spiciness speaking. Nicely balanced, with something that resembles port and soaked raisins and a small hint of nuts.

This whisky is very easy on the tongue, so beware: your bottle will be empty before you know it. It’s a subtle dram and could please many (beginning) whisky lovers. For me personally it could use a slightly higher ABV, but to be honest: it’s pretty good as is.

The most surprising part, is the hint of earth (peat?), which makes this a little more interesting than your regular Speyside/Highland dram for this price point. How about you? Have you tasted this? Let’s discuss!