Who are the Whisky Consultants

Dion (left) and Dennis (right)

Nice to see you here, whisky friends! When we started to post our tasting notes on Instagram in February of 2018, we never imagined that it would be appreciated so much. So we started this website, to enhance the experience and help you to get to the whiskies you never knew you loved.

Our names are Dion Hondeveld and Dennis Scholten and we named ourselves the Whisky Consultants. Sounds pro, but in fact we’re just two friendly Dutch chaps who want to spread our love of whisky by initially organizing whisky tasting in the Netherlands. However, our digital presence grew with so much enthusiasm that it became just as important to us.

Now it’s mainly me (Dennis) who’s blogging and photographing. Because as a full time self-employed (web)designer and developer, it’s truly where my heart lies. But I can’t do this without Dion, who is the consultant behind the consultant. Often providing me with his sharp opinions and great differences in opinions when it comes down to tasting whisky.

About our tasting notes

We write honest and unbiased whisky reviews and stories. If we don’t like something, you’ll know. But we also try to not miss the point here, it’s not our opinion that counts, it’s up to you whether you like it or not. So we mostly just write down that we see, smell and taste, and let you decide. The score system gives an overall impression of where to rank these whiskies. Remember: whisky is very personal, so we invite you to not just look at the scores.

The whiskies that we review, are coming mostly from our own collection, and we tend to post accessible whiskies which are relatively easy to find. Therefore you can easily identify with our notes. We also like to write as we like our distilleries: with a lot of transparency. So we’ll let you know where we got our whisky from, because spending a lot of time with a bottle could give different results than reviewing one sample.

Tips and questions

Please feel free to contact us if you’re having a question about whisky. Also, we’d love hearing your tips and feedback.

Whisky Consultants
De Grote Pol 43
6932 DS Westervoort NL

For our fellow Dutchies: check out our Dutch page, containing information about our private and open tastings: whiskyconsultants.nl

Now go ahead and explore

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