23 July 2020

Ledaig 15yo 2005 Single Malts of Scotland

Sadly, due to the pandemic, it’s a year without whisky festivals. Among many others, “Whisky in Leiden” had to be postponed till 2021. Especially for this festival, Elixir Distillers bottled this beautiful fifteen years old Ledaig under the Single Malts of Scotland Range. The organizer of the festival made some bottles available, so we thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring a small part of the festival to us!

Let’s not beat around the bush: we love Ledaig (peated Tobermory), so there was no doubt in buying one.

This Ledaig was bottled at 55.5% cask strength and has matured on bourbon barrels:

Tasting notes


Nicely pale


Quite earthy and savoury, with aromas of BBQ, spiced potatoes, rubber, cured ham, honey and mustard, pineapples and oranges. It’s got a faint herbal touch, which kind of reminds us of either marihuana or garlic (it’s up to you what you prefer)


Salty, smooth, tropical and very well integrated peat


Very long and complex, offering a perfect balance between peat smoke and tropical fruits. Also with notes of corn bread, leather, ham, burnt rubber and chopped up chives

Wow, now we even like Ledaig even more. I can’t really say anything bad about it. It’s an elegant smokey whisky, sweet and balanced to perfection. That’s what I call a festival in a bottle.