27 October 2022

The Gauldrons by Douglas Laing

It is a stormy night in October, going on a walk in the forest during these conditions isn’t one of your best ideas but you are determined to keep going, you are not a quitter! As conditions are getting worse you eventually need to seek shelter and you notice a little shed further up the dirt track. You can’t really see if there are any lights burning because of the rain, but you decide to try your luck.

Once arrived it looks like no one is home, but still you knock on the door. No one answers indeed and you lose heart while you sit down on the bench on the front porch. ‘Maybe I should call a cab to get home’ crosses your mind as you hear a little voice in the distance:

I haven’t seen anybody in years! A little spider comes crawling from the top corner. What are you doing here? He asks. You, thinking you have lost your mind, answers: I ended up here while going on a walk, maybe this isn’t for me, everything is turning against me lately.

The spider frowns and takes a deep breath, listen up human, I’ve been stamped on, driven out houses all over the country, my web has been destroyed many, many times and any minute of the day I have to be on the lookout for potential danger. Still I am here, alive and kicking, making the most of my days. Rebuilding my web, better than ever. I know exactly what you need. Take a look underneath that bench you are sitting on!

There it is, The Gauldrons Campbeltown Blended Malt Whisky, This remarkable malt is about not giving up. Just like the spider told you. Some courage in a bottle you could say. Here’s how that first sip turned out:

Tasting notes


Biscuits, pear, apfelstrudel, smoked oak and tar. Lactic acid and straw later on.


Salty and spicy, oaky and vanilla notes with biscuits and orchard fruits.


Aloe vera, biscuits, a bit peppery and sandy as well. A tasty mix of fruity and smoky notes.

Once you’ve finished this dram, you see the sky is clearing, and everytime you feel the chips are down, you think about this little but brave spider. Never give up!

The Gauldrons by Douglas Laing