19 January 2021

Glen Scotia Double Cask

A combination of first fill Bourbon barrels and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. Music to our ears, if done correctly, for that matter. We didn’t know what to expect when this classic Campbelltown malt knocked on our door.

Just like every artist, there are songs and albums which you don’t like, and songs you can’t get enough of. The same goes for whisky in our opinion. The Glen Scotia distillery surprised us several times with wonderful expressions, but we also had some poor experiences along the way.

Opening this bottle up was like listening to a symphony by Joseph Haydn, many different scents flew out, dancing around but ended up in a beautiful harmony. But to stick to something right up our alley, it was like being in a mosh pit, running around, pushing and slamming into like-minded people but always keeping an eye on each other and being the best friends at the end of each song.

In other words, a very promising nose. But we’ve been disappointed by a promising nose for many, many times. Let’s see if this Glen Scotia Double Cask held its head up and persevered:

Tasting notes


Wet socks (in a good way), almond paste and blackberries. A wonderful marriage between savoury and sweet scents such as honey, fried bananas, wood spices, cigars and burnt paper.


Easy, a bit savoury with almonds and banana. Leather and honey notes for a well-balanced dram.


A very interesting and long finish. Old spice, leather and somewhat peaty as well. Fresh cigarettes, nutty notes and barley. The finish is topped off by hazelnut chocolate, beer batter, raisins and an earthy aftertaste.

Let’s be honest with you, we were impressed by this dram. Bottled at 46% abv. but it gives you so much to chew on. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re into earthy notes like us, this is an offer you can’t refuse. Thanks to De Monnik Dranken for providing us such a lovely whisky once again. These guys definitely know what they’re talking about!