2 October 2019

Springbank 12yo Cask Strength 2019

I was never much of a Springbank fan. My first one was the 10yo and a while later in 2015 I bought the 15yo because people said it was one of the best. Although Springbank was critically acclaimed, it never did too much for me. Tasty drams? Yes. Noteworthy: Not so much?

I had more luck with Longrow and Hazelburn. But in the meantime we hardly ever leave a brand because of one or two lesser enjoyed bottles. Also back then our taste was less developed, so revisiting is always a good idea. But the earlier experience combined with the price point often prevented me from doing it.

However we keep sampling, buying, exploring. And so I finally added the 12yo Cask Strength to my cabinet this spring (as you can see from the apple blossom on this photo).

Here are our tasting notes:

Tasting notes


Dried fruits, a salty whiff, slightly smoky even. Caramelized pear, cane sugar, slightly tropical and red fruits.


Slightly drying and fruity, toasted oak, peanuts and sea salt.


Maritime en warming, dried fruits, a hint of peat/smokey barley, raisins. It’s quite long and complex.

Now we’re talking! This ticks the boxes of my personal favorites: a fruity and slightly toasted foundation with some dried fruits and just a hint of peated barley. Plus it’s cask strength and pure.

How do you like your Springbank, any suggestions for us to try?

Springbank 12yo Cask Strength 2019