3 September 2018

Ben Nevis 10yo

When talking about must-have entry level whiskies, you’ll probably think of drams like Ardbeg 10yo, Highland Park 12yo and Aberlour 12yo. Easy to recognize and each offering their approachable palate of flavours which are hard to not simply enjoy.

As we progressed in our journey throughout the years, we made it a kind of sport to look for other sub €50 whiskies that are at least as good or even better than their better-known colleagues. You’ll be surprised how much killer whiskies there are for a small price.

Enter the Ben Nevis 10yo. This was love at first sip and I think it’s hard not to like this one:

Tasting notes


Earthy, dried apples, pear, very minerally and tropical, sherry in the background, a dark underlayment and a subtle hint of cognac


Very mineral again, with smoked pineapple and peaches, spicy papaya, autumn leaves, driftwood and cough syrup.


Tropical whiff of fruits and barley, which transforms into tobacco, apples, walnuts, and slightly bitter notes of coffee, brown beer, caramel and dark chocolate.

Overall, this Ben Nevis ticks a lot of boxes, it contains fresh tropical flavours as well as darker notes. It’s very mineral and it has slight hints of cough syrup, but in a very elegant way. What I find most important though, is that it has is very own character. It stands out among the other entry level whiskies. I wouldn’t even call this an entry level.

A solid choice for a daily dram!