22 June 2023

Balblair 12yo

Today, we’re revisiting an old friend with a new face – the Balblair 12. If you’ve been following our whisky adventures, you may remember our previous encounters with Balblair’s 1999 3rd Release and the 1989 3rd Release. Both were delightful in their own right, but thanks to De Monnik Dranken, we got to explore a new chapter in Balblair’s story.

In 2019, Balblair stirred the whisky world by transitioning from their signature vintage releases to age statements. A bold move, indeed, but one that signals a fresh chapter in their rich history. This change was designed to reinvigorate the Balblair brand (and most probably to overcome some challenges that the popularity whisky brought with it, if you ask us), and it certainly has sparked conversation. But according to themselves, the essence of Balblair remains unchanged. It continues to deliver the same character that we’ve come to appreciate.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Balblair 12. This whisky is a vibrant, light, and highly drinkable dram. It’s a safe choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in character. This whisky has enough body to keep you engaged.

Tasting notes


Refreshing, but also warming. Vanilla and gummy bears, apple, cherry and blossoms. A nice hint of cheesecake.


Slightly earthy, sweet and drying. Lots of flowers and cream.


Fruity, with apples. But also a nice salty/briny taste, which lingers. It dries into walnuts.

It’s not the most complex or challenging whisky out there. But not every whisky needs to be a puzzle to solve. Sometimes, you need a whisky that’s reliable, a whisky that’s like a good friend. And that’s exactly what the Balblair 12 is, and the ones we tried in the past too. The salty and earthy hints are great and make it more than “just a twelve year old”.

So, if you’re in search of a dependable, enjoyable dram that won’t break the bank, give the Balblair 12 a try. Certainly if you’re in the beginning of your whisky journey, this is a worthwhile brand to discover.

Balblair 12yo