13 March 2020

Glen Garioch 1990-2009 Vintage Batch 34

We planned on visiting Glen Garioch next month, @dmscotland did a great job on mapping out an awesome trip through the Highlands, but we had to cancel a while ago.

Not because of Covid-19, no, we had to cancel but because me and my wife (which is also Dion’s sister) are expecting a baby very soon. It’s already the most beautiful thing in the world, and he/she isn’t even born yet, so it’s very well worth postponing this trip for.

And talking about priorities, you might’ve noticed we’re less active on Instagram lately. Besides the fact that I’m incredibly busy running my main business, I also felt less of an urge to spend my spare time on social media and spending more on my family. I still enjoy my drams, photograph them and write my notes, but I post them when I feel like it. And I must say, it feels good not to feel the obligation. So… sorry we update you less regularly, but I promise we will continue sharing our thoughts and photos, and with lots of joy.

Now, back to Glen Garioch. Let’s celebrate the joy of becoming a father with a dram from my own birth year. Dion and I bought this 1990-2009 vintage last year and it’s really good. We always had a thing for Glen Garioch, and this is one of the reasons why we still have:

Tasting notes


Herbal, cannabis, fresh but also musty, typical nose that has Glen Garioch all over, endive, mustard, honey, semolina pudding, cooked apples, redcurrant, rhubarb and mint


Rhubard, strawberry, hemp, peach, salty, old newspapers, creamy


Musty, fruity, peach, pineapple, raspberry, raisins, dark chocolate, dairy, spices

The herbal, almost cannabis-like notes reminds us of Ben Nevis. There’s lots of fruits and warming notes, which are balanced but also quite vibrant. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-plan our trip to the Highlands soon, because this dram makes us hungrier to visit Glen Garioch than ever!