Ben Nevis


Ben Nevis 22yo 1992 WM Cadenhead Small Batch

There’s two types of Ben Nevis: good and better. At least, as far as I’ve discovered. So what mostly remains, is the price factor. I bought this particular Ben Nevis two years ago for around €220,-. Normally I won’t risk it without tasting it first, but considering it’s a...

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Ben Nevis 1998 17yo by Claxton’s

In our quest for the most delicious bottle, there are no certainties. Every whisky you buy, is some kind of guess. A quick taste before you pull out your wallet is great, but sometimes a dram falls short, just because it’s not the right moment and/or your palate isn’t...

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Ben Nevis 10 Year Old Cask Strength 2008 Batch 1

Ben Nevis came on my radar just 3 years ago. When I bought the regular 10yo I was sold. It was still widely available and fairly priced. Not anymore… Luckily there are plenty of independent bottlers to fill my needs for Ben Nevis. I’ve tasted some wonderful examples, which...

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The whisky journey

What’s so beautiful about whisky? Let me try to explain what it is for me (Dennis). But first, here’s how it all began: We started drinking whisk(e)y just for fun. Jack Daniel’s, Famous Grouse, some Grant’s and White Lion… you know the drill. Until I bought my very first...

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Ben Nevis 10yo

We made it a kind of sport to look for other sub €50 whiskies that are at least as good or even better than their better-known colleagues. Enter the Ben Nevis 10yo.

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