8 November 2020

Tomatin 2006 12yo Amontillado Sherry

It’s an open secret that we’re a huge fan of Tomatin whisky, but we know that not all that glitters is gold at the same time. We think that it just depends on the right approach when it comes to Tomatin.

For example, the Cabernet Sauvignon expression, featured earlier on our feed, is an extraordinary whisky. A perfect score. But some of the single casks and/or limited editions are not exactly worth the money in our opinion.

This Tomatin Amontillado is a no nonsense, straight to the point dram. What you see is what you get and what you get is gold. We tell you that. The basic but strong Tomatin character fits the nutty and tobacco Amontillado notes like a glove.

Tasting notes


Orchard fruits, some raspberry, rose-hip and perfume. Notes like almonds, custard and dark chocolate are coming through. A scent of fresh rubber.


Your typical sherried whisky, plums, leather and spiced wood all over. Mashed apples, caramel and nutmeg. Red fruits are making this an allround dram.


Very dry finish, but very rich as well. The plums are still there, together with old books, leather and even some whipped cream. Chocolate truffles with sea salt and oranges. A lush aftertaste of raisins and a variety of nuts stays with you for an eternity.

This is a whisky you can pour yourself every hour of the day, every day. The fact that it offers you enough to keep you satisfied, but is easy on the tongue as well, makes it a worthy addition to your cabinet and/or shelves. We did take that advice to heart too, we bought another 2 bottles (total of 3) after our first sip. We tried not to exaggerate, but failed miserably. Lucky us! Cheers!

Tomatin 2006 12yo Amontillado Sherry