26 May 2019

GlenDronach 19yo 1995-2015 Single Cask #2380 Oloroso Butt

Some bottles are made to open right away and some are for a special occasion. This 19 years old GlenDronach Single Cask is one we bought for the latter.

We didn’t buy it too long ago, it was last June last year. The bottle was begging to be opened. The special occasion: our first Instagram anniversary. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.

This ’95 GlenDronach was bottled in 2015 for the Dutch Whisky Nerds and the Japanese Whisky E. Something you don’t see very often. The colour is that of black coffee, it matured in an Oloroso Butt and has an ABV of 55.1%. Every Single Cask bottled by GlenDronach is unique, we haven’t tasted any that wasn’t distinguishable from the other. Let’s see what this one brings us, shall we:

Tasting notes


Dark sherry nose, tobacco, licorice, pre chocolate, cinnamon, apple syrup, ripe pears, Danish pastry, sugar and honey coated peanuts, fresh oak, warm spices, a used eraser, cherries, crayons, nutmeg and gunpowder. Probably one of the most wonderful noses we ever encountered!


Full and rich, oily and mouth coating, sultanas, a good touch of old wood, dried fruits and a sticky taste of grapes.


The finish is dry and syrupy and seems to last forever, very heavy on the raisins, there’s a funny hint of winegums, cinnamon, spicy wood, gunpowder, lemon zest and sultanas.

This is heavy artillery, literally! We’re suckers for dry whiskies with heavy notes of raisins, so this one’s right up our alley. The nose alone would be enough to make our day. The palate and finish could’ve been a bit sweeter, but who are we to complain. We paid €230 for it, almost double the original price. That’s not something we generally do. Is it worth that money? We have some points of approvements for a GlenDronachs at this price, but sometimes you just need to live a little. I’m sure many of you will agree.

GlenDronach 19yo 1995-2015 Single Cask #2380 Oloroso Butt