4 July 2020

The Arran 18yo

Guest review by our good friend Jan Temming

This Arran 18yo is “a wonderfully balanced expression of the arran malt whisky which displays the tremendous depth of character of our distillery” the label says. Matured in 70% ex bourbon and 30% ex sherry cask, we where very excited to have a taste of this dram!

Tasting notes


Like you would expect from the arran 10yo, 14yo and also this 18yo the tropical fruits will instantly come to live. Sweet aromas of vanilla ice-cream are also noticeable. Followed by dried fruits and a typical sweet: wine gums.


Full whipped cream, milk chocolate, mango and pineapple come to live. There are also little hints of pistachio nuts.


The finish lasts with tastes of mango, papaya and small hints of wood (this is probably the 70% bourbon cask talking here).

The palate came a little bit short in what the nose made us believe. Nevertheless this is a very nice dram to share with your friends! With every drop of this dram you can taste, like the label says, the tremendous depth of character of The Arran distiller. They weren’t lying!