5 April 2018

Highland Park 12yo

Another well-known classic, the Highland Park 12yo. This bottle has been replaced by Highland Park Viking Honour, they say the liquid remained the same.

Tasting notes


This is a fresh whisky, grassy, floral notes and juicy citrus are getting in the middle.


Great character, orange peel, lime, fruitcake, peaches, pencil shavings, red fruit, a touch of honey. A subtle hint of smoke closes the gap which makes this a very rounded whisky.


The finish is pleasant: fruity spices, oak and gentle smoke are getting the job done.

An easy starter, a bit shy maybe. But this is one of those bottles we recommend to every whisky lover out here.

What do you think of the old versus the new bottle design? We’re standing on the good old (minimalist) side, but ultimately it’s the liquid that counts.