6 December 2018

Jura Superstition

Jura recently updated her entire range, which put the focus back on age statements. This now discontinued Superstition was one of our earliest bottles, with always stuck with us as the ‘urinal cake’ whisky.

And don’t panic just now, it was just the nose that resembled a whiff of almond-like toilet cleaning stuff. We actually liked the overall whisky.

And to prove we were not crazy, we brought this Jura to two blind tasting we did last month to see who else noticed this. We always handle our attendants a sheet of randomly ordered notes of three whiskies they taste at a time. They don’t know which note belongs to which whisky and it doesn’t even state if it’s in the nose, palate or finish. We do that, because most people find it hard to associate something with what they smell or taste.

So, ‘urinal cake’ was one of them, along with ‘almond paste’ which is a more convenient way to describe this. And yes! Lots of people attributed it to the Jura Superstition.

Jura Superstition is lightly peated and has matured on a combination of bourbon and sherry casks. Here are our full notes:

Tasting notes


Artificially red, due to caramel colouring.


Fish oil capsules, soft, salty and fruity, with candied apples, soft sherry notes, urinal cakes and almond paste, a bit musty.


A soft and pleasant mouthfeel, with hints of apricots, honey, tropical notes, leather, earth, wood and cinnamon.


Papaya, salted fudge, minerals, grape juice, nut shells, peated barley and spicy oak.

A bit of a strange nose, of which some couldn’t get past and some don’t mind it at all. Overall this is a very enjoyable sipper. It’s a bit on the soft and subtle side, but offers enough of interesting notes. Now we’re curious about their new releases.