25 August 2018

Sherwood’s Orkney 11yo

The second whisky Sherwood’s has managed to bottle. This time it’s from the Highland Park distillery, although they weren’t allowed to state in on the label.

After my first successful tasting session with the Craigellachie, I was beyond excited to find a sample of the Highland Park in my mailbox. Highland Park bottles most of their whiskies with sherry casks involved. This indie bottle however, is drawn from a bourbon hogshead. And with Sherwood’s pure and honest vision in mind, I was ready to get to know Highland Park’s true spirit.

Tasting notes


Sweeter and friendlier than the Craigellachie, but also less challenging. Salty fruits, ripe apples, citrus, a sea breeze, a hint of eucalyptus, crispy barley, biscuits, caramel and pineapple.


Fresh and sweet, salty and slightly savoury, very mineral and nice notes of pineapple, pears and biscuits. There’s a subtle hint of smoked wood.


Medium long and subtle, fresh and salty, caramelized apples and a subtle whiff of fresh smoke, with a bitterness from the barley and wood.

It’s a very spirit-driven dram, the cask influence is minimal. I’m not sure if Highland Park is the distillery I’d choose for such a style. But the funny thing is, that when I gave not-whisky-drinkers the opportunity to smell and taste this one and the Craigellachie side by side, they all chose the Orkney. So that’s an interesting find.

I’m still deciding if I like this one a lot though. I found it a bit too harsh and simple for my own likings, although I would prefer this bottle over a Highland Park 12, because it’s a bit more challenging.