1 September 2018

Sherwood’s Craigellachie 9yo

When I first bought a sample of this whisky, at the end of 2017, I didn’t know Sherwood’s was a Dutch bottler. The realization came a few months later, when we started our Instagram account.

We got in touch and learned a lot about the challenges of bottling your own whisky. But what matters mostly is how is tastes. For me there’s no doubt, from the first time I tasted this one I was sold.

Tasting notes


A savoury whiff of smoked ham welcomes you, with a salty and mineral layer of fresh fruits, ripe pears, sweet barley and a sweet cake on top.


Dry and very strong, you might need to add a little water to reveal the sweet and salty notes, with a hint of cooked ham.


The finish is outstanding! An interplay of sweet and salty notes, with dried apricots, cake, smoked meat, driftwood and an always present layer of fresh citrus notes, ending in something that resembled champagne.

I have to tell you though, at 64.4% ABV it’s not for the beginner. It really punches you in the face, but that’s also the charme of the whisky. It’s bottled as pure as it could be, and it definitely tastes pure. Wonderful layers of meaty and fruity notes, which we know Craigellachie does a great job at.

We bought ourselves 3 bottles, I think that shows how much we loved this.