26 June 2019

Highland Park 18yo

Highland Park 18yo is a classic, a soft and gentle classic. It offers many facets, but there isn’t one that overpowers.

Tasting notes


Orange blossom, lightly peated barley, oranges, oak, vanilla, cherry, a bit earthy even, citrus and candle wax.


Gently sliding across the tongue. A fruity, almost candy like sweetness with citrus, orange, apple, cherry, barley and vanilla.


That typical HP whiff of smoked barley. Sweet and lightly drying into tropical fruits, spiced oak, strawberry, orange zest, cherry and peach.

An interesting array of fruits, it’s almost like we’re sipping a homemade fruit cocktail. And maybe that’s also its weaker point: at 43% it’s (too) easy to drink. I’d love to be able to go back in time to drink this as if it’s my first bottle, because I’m sure I’d absolutely love this as a starting whisky enthusiast. It has the fruits, it has the peat, its has the oak, all in a very elegant way.

The price isn’t for starters though, which makes it difficult to recommend.