12 April 2019

Highland Park Drakkar

No whisky was harmed during the making of this picture, my fingers were though.

Let’s have a look at Highland Park Drakkar, a travel exclusive from a while ago. You can still get it in various shops, so let us guide you on whether to buy this badass looking dragon bottle, or not.

Firstly, this is a non age statement expression that has spent its time on sherry casks. But that didn’t make it necessarily darker/sweeter than for example the HP12. It’s fruity, but it’s mainly the taste of oranges that define the palate. The nose does have more sherry, however, but this isn’t reflected by the palate and finish. Maybe it’s the abv of 40%? Oak, oranges and the typical Highland Park smoke make a pleasant dram, but nothing particularly fancy:

Tasting notes


Dried oranges, subtle dark dried fruits, floral hints of cherry blossom, a trace of peat.


Soft, sweet and subtle. Oranges, apples, barley, cherries, lightly salty.


Oranges, a whiff of smoke, dry woody notes and a very subtle hint of chestnut. It’s gone fast.

If you’re looking for a sherry infused HP at an entry level price, we’d like to recommend the mighty Dark Origins instead (we did a review a couple of weeks ago). Unless you’re digging the Dragon boat theme, then you could use it do decorate your shelves with.