9 November 2020

Arran 12yo 2006 James MacTaggart 2nd Edition Palo Cortado Finish

We have a license to kill, to kill this wonderful bottling by Arran. Maybe the best Arran I’ve recently purchased, a true diamond. Luckily diamonds, just like the memories, last forever…

I thoroughly enjoy doing this, but enough with the 007 puns for now. Let’s talk some whisky. This 12 years old Arran, bottled at 51.8% ABV has finished on Palo Cortado sherry casks. If you’ve followed us for a while, you might know these two things are an instant buy for us. Our beloved Arran + Palo Cortado, what could go wrong?

Tasting notes


Quite refreshing, with melon, ham, salt, biscuits, malt and a darker hint of raisins


Full and crisp, somewhat dry and spicy, but vibrant nonetheless. Wood, lots of fresh fruits.


The finish is double layered, first with pineapple, spices, and dry wood, yellow raisins, currants and cake. The second layer comes some seconds later with raisins and warming tobacco.

As it turns out, manager James MacTaggert truly IS the man with the golden glass. At least: if his glass contained the same liquid as ours. What a beautifully crisp and sweet dram this is. It starts off as a typical Arran, but the finish totally steals the show here. Let us tell you a secret, but it’s for you eyes only, there are still bottles around. So excuse us, we’re heading out to the store, because one bottle is not enough.

We cannot be held responsible for our the bad puns, Arran did it first. We show ourselves out.

Arran 12yo 2006 James MacTaggart 2nd Edition Palo Cortado Finish