26 December 2020

Ledaig 12yo 2008-2020 Hermitage Finish by Gordon & Macphail

What a crazy year it has been. Sadly no big family reunion this Christmas due to obvious reasons, but now me and my wife were gently forced into spending some well deserved quality time together and with our daughter. We cooked, we ate together and went through the year. It was a hard year for a couple of reasons, but at the same time our best year ever because of the birth of our beautiful little girl.

We spent most of our years keeping people around us happy, but one thing that this year taught us, is that this is impossible. There comes a time when you realize that everybody is ultimately responsible for their own luck. Especially when good health is not always a given. So we shared a couple of glasses, counted our blessings, and decided that what we have together is really all we need. Everything else is a bonus.

With these words by yours truly, I want to raise a dram to 2021. I hope you’ve celebrated this Christmas in a good way, and that 2021 may be a little less harder on you. Stay healthy and be happy.

– Dennis

p.s. a toast without knowing what’s in the glass, is not a real toast. So here’s my take on this Ledaig 12yo 2008-2020 Hermitage Finish by Gordon & Macphail:

Tasting notes


Spareribs, peanut soup, honey and canned fruits, strawberries, candy and cigar smoke. A little bit salty and mineral.


Supple, spicy, sweet and candy-like. There’s a good amount of rubber notes, which Ledaig is known of.


Sweet and savoury. With hints of pineapple, salty ashes/smoke, rubber, gun powder, fire cracker smoke and burnt meat.


Ledaig 12yo 2008-2020 Hermitage Finish by Gordon & Macphail