23 February 2021

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

I postponed this review for more than two years now. I have this bottle for a while and I just don’t like it, but as always I wanted to give it a fair chance. So I took it to several blind tastings in the past to see what other people thought. I took a dram myself at various occasions.

The concept for this Glenfiddich experiment is very nice and immediately grabbed my attention. A peated whisky from a beloved Speyside distillery, finished on rum barrels. One of my favourite whiskies is the Benriach Arumaticus Fumosus which underwent the same treatment. So I really looked forward to this. But then came the notes:

Tasting notes


Peated barley, toffee, fire that’s put out recently, cardboard, citrus, oranges, glühwein and… something odd which I’m not able to define with pretty words, sadly.


Soft, citrus, cane sugar, spicy wood, vanilla.


Peated barley, brown sugar, cereals, burlap, chili, roasted nuts, popsicle stick, perfume, razor foam and cardboard.

It’s definitely not on the fresher and vibrant side, instead it’s mostly mellow, damp and has lots of cardboard. I’ve found more cardboard notes in rum finished whiskies, like the Balvenie Caribbean Cask, and figured that this might just not be my thing. Some people at our tasting tasted the same and other’s didn’t. So I believe there’s a thin line in liking or hating this style of whisky.

I would’ve loved this to be my replacement for the Arumaticus Fumosus, but I’ll have to look further. Experiment failed, for me, that is. Luckily there’s also the XX which I found to be more enticing.

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane