12 September 2019

Islay Mist – Original

Enter Islay Mist. A whisky that consists mostly of Laphroaig, blended with several Speyside malts and grain whisky, interesting!

Created for beginning enthusiasts who are tiptoeing into the realm of peat, but don’t want to be punched in the face with it. We think that’s a good starting point. It isn’t like it was invented just yesterday, because the history of this brand goes back to 1922. The company has just rebranded their range and kindly sent us a bottle to review.

We were quite excited to both photograph and review this whisky. Because the name lends itself perfectly for having a little (photoshop) fun with it. Islay Mist is bottled at 40% and like we said: it aims for the beginning whisky drinker. Did they do a good job? Let’s find out:

Tasting notes


Fruity and nicely rounded, with sweet peat,  licorice, a dash of chlorine and a very distant hint of sherry (?)


Supple and smooth, with a hint of licorice root. It’s warming and fruity, a tad salty. A little bit watery maybe.


Light, fruity and grainy. A hint of sulphur and slightly medical. Enough to showcase Islay to starters, but not much for the seasoned Islay-fan.

This dram is highly enjoyable, however it may not surprise you that it doesn’t offer something of a challenge. It’s smooth and fruity, has a nice whiff of peat, and it’s affordable.

What I like about it, is the fact that it doesn’t taste like a (cheap) blend. It’s only slightly grainy, which complements the overall taste very well, instead of making it less pleasing. We would’ve liked it to have a little higher ABV, but we also keep in mind the target audience.

Conclusion: a nice little peated blend to introduce you to Islay, albeit for a slight bit. Don’t expect the full Islay punch, but the name says it all: it’s more like a smoky mist.

Islay Mist – Original