13 July 2018

Spey Tenné

Until recently, we haven’t tried any of the whiskies from Speyside Distillery, baring the name Spey. But once in a while, I let store owners pick a bottle for me, of which they think are great daily drams.

At a price of around €40 in NL, I’d call this a great whisky on a budget. The whisky has matured on bourbon barrels and has been finished for 6 months on Tawny Port casks, Tenné is Latin for Tawny. It’s bottled at 46% ABV. When poured, you’ll get a nice pink dram, it doesn’t even look like whisky.

Tasting notes




The nose is great and distinct, with candy-like sweet fruits, raspberry, grapes, strawberry and on the background I get some aromas of fresh pilsener.


The palate is smooth, fresh and fruity, with hints of salty fudge and raspberry, it feels like a jar of water with red fruits floating around, a.k.a. home made lemonade


The finish is light but satisfying, with citrus and candy-like sweetness, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla fudge, slightly drying into a vague hint of almonds and raisins.

This is a lightweight dram, an easy and refreshing sipper on hot summer days. Although I like the heavier stuff, this is a great one to have in your cabinet, especially if you’re looking for something different, it’s easily recognizable when tasting blind and it doesn’t hurt your wallet.