6 October 2020

GlenDronach 8yo “The Hielan”

As our feed shows, we’re a big fan of Glendronach. We think the current Glendronach labels exude ‘Whisky’ and they look incredibly sexy on our shelves. Luckily, the spirit itself is not too bad either.

Online, and in every shop since our first Glendronach, we kept looking for more bottles to add to our collection. Some did hit the bull’s eye, others not so much. But they were pleasing to the eye as always, every single one of them.

The day we stumbled across this 8 years old ‘The Hielan’, we couldn’t resist. We needed to complete the core range as far as they were available to us. High expectations got a hold on us because of the other bottlings. Here’s how that turned out:

Tasting notes


Wood, apples, toffee coated almonds, and a bit of chocolate is welcoming you.


Malty cookies, plums, oranges, lemon and that typical spiced wood of Glendronach.


Vanilla biscuits, pepper, cereals, grassy notes and oak spices. There’s a hint of raisins, but you have to dig deep.

Okay, so this 8 years old Glendronach did not fully meet the expectations, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a poor dram. In fact, on the contrary it still is a characteristic Glendronach after all. You should not be looking for a strong sherry influence in this one, but it’s a great dram to open up your taste buds and to start your evening, or day, if you like.