2 November 2019

Glen Garioch 9yo 2010-2019 Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

A nice find at the liqour store this weekend: a 9yo single cask Glen Garioch bottled by Douglas Laing, specially bottled for Gall & Gall. A distillery we quite adore, because of the ‘old style’ earthy and fruity taste.

The colour is stunningly pale, which is something I quite like lately. It’s a welcome change in between all the heavier stuff. And a nice opportunity to try a pure and clean Glen Garioch. At least that’s what the colour suggests. The whisky is bottled at 48.4% which comes close to the percentage of the official bottlings. It makes a good comparison.

Tasting notes


Fresh and fruity, apples, toffee, pear, earthy and nutty.


Smooth, tingling, fruity and earthy. A nutty taste with raspberry jam and white chocolate.


Warming and fruity, toffee and nuts again, tobacco and orchard fruits, winter spices, pencil shavings, lemon cake, vanilla and brown sugar.

Wow, this is like a fresh autumn morning in a bottle. Lots of orchard fruits and nuts, fresh but warming too and slightly creeping towards darker flavours. It doesn’t fully reach that darkness though, which makes it wonderfully interesting and tasty. It reminds me of the first time I tried a Glen Garioch at the beginning of my journey, which is a good sign. The earthiness which I like so much is there, even more so than in the official bottlings.

Bulls eye!

Glen Garioch 9yo 2010-2019 Douglas Laing’s Old Particular