27 September 2018

GlenDronach 10yo Forgue

Now GlenDronach finally brought back the Revival they also came with other exciting news about a new member for the travel market: GlenDronach 10yo Forgue. Our experience with travel exclusive bottlings aren’t always very good. But there are some great exceptions, will this be one of those?

Le’s start with the basics, it has matured in Oloroso and in Pedro Ximénez casks and it’s named after the valley where the distillery is situated.

I always immediately expect a GlenDronach to be a sherry bomb, but with its age of only 10 years and light colour, I went in open minded. Which was the right thing to do:

Tasting notes


Nutty and fruity, barley plays a huge part here, which is something I don’t especially associate with GlenDronach, but it work well! Hay, plums, honey, forest fruits, nutmeg and dried apricots. It smells silky.


Nicely crispy, if you know what I mean. Creamy too, with raisins, fresh fruits, hazelnuts, barley, blackcurrants, strawberries, slightly tropical even!


The finish stays a little behind compared to the nose and palate. Hints of nutshells and it feels a bit musty, with nutmeg, cedar wood, with a slight bitterness from the barley and ginger. The bittersweet notes are staying a little longer, but after a while it develops into darker notes of blackberries and hazelnuts.

Not bad GlenDronach, it’s a different GlenDronach than what we’re used to. But I kinda like this direction. Of course I rather have a sherry bomb, but this is welcome variety. It reminds me of the new GlenAllachie core range, but more balanced and less bitter.

The price tag of 60 euros for a liter is decent, it’s not something I would miss when it’s not part of my collection, but it’s nice to have, that’s for sure!

GlenDronach 10yo Forgue