8 October 2020

Whisky Row Smoke & Peat

Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door with some holy water. Who’s there? It’s Whisky Row to put some long gone Edinburgh flavours back on the map.

Our good friend Terri (@dmscotland) kindly introduced us to this new kid on the block by Gleann Mór Spirits. You wouldn’t say, because the looks and flavours feel very familiar and classic in a way. We got to taste the entire trio and were pretty impressed. Their line-up ranges from a lively and fruity dram, to a bold and classical sherrybomb, to the one we’re going to talk about today: a solid representation of peated goodness.

We’re going to talk about the rest later, because especially the one called Smooth & Sweet was right up our street.

So, where are we at? Whisky Row Smoke & Peat is the name, it’s a blended malt from Islay and Island whiskies, bottled at a convenient 46% ABV.

Tasting notes


At first it’s like walking into a still room, or standing by a couple of washbacks. Then it transforms into tobacco, broth, mushrooms with bacon, a beachball, fish oil, salt and tropical fruits. Quite the nose indeed!


Smooth and minerally, with a hint of pepper. Fruits like banana, apricots and citrus balance out the almost inevitable note of rubber.


The finish is somewhat strange at first, with hints of goat cheese and wet sand. Then we get some familiar peated barley, lubricating oil, dark bread, and molten cheese, before finally reaching some welcome fruit notes like nectarine.

Don’t let the word ‘blended’ scare you off, it’s a common misconception that blends are less good than single malts, you just have to find the right ones. If we didn’t know better, we wouldn’t have guessed it’s a blend. And that goes for the entire Whisky Row range. Just look at these notes, although the main part of the flavours are classic and predictable for (mainly) Islay malts, it offers lots of unique trades, which might be hard to reach when sourcing from just one distillery.

All that said, here’s our recommendation: if you are a seasoned whisky lover like us, you might want to check this out as a dram for lazy days. Drinking this and dissecting the flavours is like a walk in the park. If you’re new to tasting whisky, the trio is almost like a must-have. It’s like the perfect map to guide the way through three representative flavour profiles in the world of whisky.