22 January 2022

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon

We’ve learned to appreciate bourbon more and more during the last two years. Still, it feels more like tiptoeing instead of going full send, but we hopefully have some years till we grow old and grumpy to explore this realm even more.

Today we’re going back to one of our first bourbons: Buffalo Trace. The first time we noticed the name, was on a trip to Islay, at the Kilchoman Distillery to be precise. Hundreds of casks marked ‘Buffalo Trace’ were stacked in front of the distillery. Ready to be charred and filled to make their glorious (if you ask me, Dennis) whisky.

And so we got curious and bought a bottle, which turned out to be a real bang for your buck. Our best friend Jan, who we sadly lost recently, described this as ‘a Bounty chocolate bar in a bottle’. We will never be able to enjoy his funny and silly tasting notes anymore, but we’ll keep his memory alive by sharing them with you from time to time.  So here’s his notes, paired with a couple of ours:

Tasting notes


Vanilla, aniseed, cinnamon, spicy wood and coconut. It’s that typical aroma of American whiskey, very smooth though.


Spicy! Sugar cane, vanilla, wood, dark chocolate and burnt caramel.


Warming, with notes of cinnamon, black coffee, charcoal, burnt sugar. A combination of coconut and chocolate makes me think of a Bounty candy bar!

He was right, this really is a coconut and chocolate explosion. A very welcome change when having a flight of scotch.

Thanks, @monnikdranken for the bottle, and making us relive some of the best moments.