17 September 2018

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon

We’re exploring daily, but the path to bourbon is still sort of unknown to us.

Of course we began drinking whisk(e)y with the good old Jack Daniels. But we’ve learned that this is not a real bourbon, because of the filtration though charcoal. The more you know…

Just like with exploring scotch, we’re doing it from the bottom up. So we bought an Elijah Graig Small Batch and this Buffalo Trace, we heard great stories about both. During our Islay-trip, we saw Buffalo Trace casks lying around at Kilchoman, so I was very curious about this one.

Tasting notes


Vanilla, aniseed, cinnamon, spicy wood and coconut. It’s that typical aroma of American whiskey, very smooth though.


Spicy! Sugar cane, vanilla, wood, dark chocolate and burnt caramel.


Warming, with notes of cinnamon, black coffee, charcoal, burnt sugar. A combination of coconut and chocolate makes me think of a Bounty candy bar!

Not bad! It tastes like I need to explore bourbon even further, because in all honesty: I’m of course keeping in mind that there are many better options than this.

But it certainly is something I would recommend for an introductory tasting session.