14 March 2023

Eagle Rare 10yo

Since we’ve started our whisky journey, we’ve encountered many magnificent whisky from all over the world. Some countries and regions are like the back of our hands by now, others are barely touched or still to explore. Luckily we are still young and hungry for more.

Also, since our very first dram, (ok, shot of Jack Daniels), Bourbon has been really growing on us. Every tasting or every opportunity given by our whisky friends, we seem to get more and more interested in what ‘The New World’ has to offer when it comes to our beloved booze. However, seeing us choosing Bourbon over Scotch is a rare sight. Therefore our friends at @monnikdranken are trying to broaden our horizon even more with this Eagle Rare 10 years old. They really know what to get from the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Here are our thoughts:

Tasting notes


Very heavy on the nose, with dark chocolate, cherries and dark oak. Marzipan, glue and a sandy beach.


Spices and cereals all over the place. Rye, cherries and oak towards the finish.


Toffee and carrot cake, dark chocolate and dry oak. Citrus for a bit of a bite.

This really is a welcome respite after some Scotch! We can see us pouring this one on a summer evening, after a lovely barbecue. God bless this Eagle Rare 10 years old, and God bless the United States of America!