8 June 2022

The Glenturret 12yo

We tend to have nice and cosy drams in our collection, which we can pour any moment of the day. If you know us better, you’ll say that the type of whisky doesn’t matter for us to take in, but we simply (and sadly) can not live on Ardbeg, Caol Ila or Laphroaig alone.

We are often looking for drams that are approachable but very rich at the same time and we must say, that is one hell of a balance to keep. Luckily our friends from @monnikdranken took us by the hand once again and delivered this beautiful Glenturret right on our doorstep.

This 12 year old expression, bottled at 46%, is something The Glenturret can be really proud of. Crafted by hand and heart is the ethos the distillery lives and works by for a long, long time. They’ve been the home of handcrafted whisky distilling traditional whisky making since 1763. This 12 years old is the heart of their core and really is music to our ears. Last time we checked whisky isn’t entering our body through our ears so we needed to taste this chic looking bottle the ‘normal way’. Here’s how that turned out:

Tasting notes


Very dark with currants, drenched wood, walnuts and truffles. Some herbal and sherry notes for a strong base.


Smooth on the palate with oak and cherry notes. Dark spices and clove towards the finish.


A long and rich finish, with grapefruit, licorice and some herbal notes. Bitter notes to top it off.

This dram really is something you can pour any day and we believe this can be everyone’s friend. It surely has enough depth to it to satisfy the sceptic (like us) but is also easy on the palate to satisfy everyone’s needs. Thank you De Monnik Dranken for introducing us to this exceptional distillery, this definitely asks for more!