25 May 2019

Ardbeg Perpetuum

It’s great seeing all those images from this year’s Feis Ile trickling in. It’s a trip down memory lane and a perfect moment to go through the photos and tasting notes we did on Islay last year.

When we visited Islay it was a few weeks before the festival: the silence before the storm. At Ardbeg, we were presented a flight of three festival bottles: Perpetuum (2015), Kelpie (2017) and Grooves (2018). If you’ve followed us for a while, you know which one we liked the most ;)

Today we’re presenting you our tasting notes of the Perpetuum. It’s a bottle that still relatively easy to find, so maybe this will help you making a decision if you come across one.

Tasting notes


Toffee, soft and subtle, salty, fresh and tropical.


Creamy fudge, its’s pretty buttery and floral, sweet citrus and lingering fruits, a little bit of salt.


Smoked ham, salt and sweet fruits with a whiff of smoke. Pear and smoke emerge before finally dying in an almost too gentle way.

Maybe it was the Kelpie that overshadowed the rest, but we weren’t impressed with this wee dram. If you like a gentle (and I mean really gentle) Ardbeg, this one’s definitely for you. Elegant, smooth, enjoyable: yes. But I cannot imagine someone paying such an amount for an easy sipper, especially considering the fact that Ardbeg simply needs to have some sort of an edge, in my humble opinion.

With some help from @whiskylottery we were able to taste the the Ardbeg Drum (Committee Release) last month. Sadly this wasn’t for us too. Luckily there’s still a solid core range to pick from, always nice to have a choice! We’re excited to see what Ardbeg comes up with next year, you’ll never know…

We wish everyone who’s attending Feis Ile this year a wonderful time, don’t forget to dram a lot! Also: in case you missed it, don’t forget to enter our giveaway! Check out our previous post to see how you can enter.