8 December 2020

Tullibardine 24yo 1993 Bourbon Hogshead by Claxton’s

In our constantly changing whisky collection, we try to maintain a healthy balance between different casks and maturations. Of course, some types are over-represented but we try to stay honest and ignore or neglect no one.

We feel like, for example, sherry matured or finished whisky is a lot easier to guess if it is worth the try, because a wonderful sherry influence takes almost every whisky to a higher level. On the other hand, it sometimes gets a bit boring. So we’re always looking out for whiskies which don’t need that little extra push.

We are digging deeper into the only-bourbon maturations lately, we feel like there’s so much to discover in this area and it’s a great opportunity to get to know the real character of the distillery without getting blinded by a different maturation or finish.

We know Tullibardine for a while now, but with almost every bottle there was a different cask involved, so what did we know about Tullibardine to be honest? This Claxton’s Tullibardine 24yo 1993 Bourbon Hogshead is a great way to get a little bit wiser.

Tasting notes


Dusty old books, herbs, crème fraiche, dairy, pineapple, lime, tea


Creamy, soft, apple, pineapple, musty, zest


Dairy, peach, vanilla, pineapple, soft and long, musty, black tea, camomille, honey, lime, cereals

We were not disappointed at all. What we do love in whisky like this one, is that you can taste the age of the spirit in some sort of way. It feels and tastes like a proper 24 year old whisky. This is the real deal and we sure love the dairy notes which we experience in every Tullibardine. With that being said, our Claxton’s collection is growing every year now. Well done guys!


Tullibardine 24yo 1993 Bourbon Hogshead by Claxton’s