17 October 2018

Ardmore 2003-2017 – Malts of Scotland

If you ask me which whisky blew my mind most in the last couple of years, I will answer with: Ardmore 2003 bottled by Malts of Scotland. This most definitely is my definition of a sherry bomb. What blew my mind is that it’s only 3 years old.

The flavours are so intense, that it’s hard to believe that it’s so young and that it’s Scottish. If you taste it blind, you’ll probably think of something like Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask, but you’ll never guess it’s actually a very young Ardmore that has been lying around on a sherry hogshead. Most definitely a very good cask! But that’s what we personally know this German bottler for: to bring out mouthwatering bottles.

Tasting notes


Dark dried fruits, honey, raisins and tobacco. A fresh pack of cigarets!


Wow, an explosion of earthy and spicy tobacco flavours, red fruits and sherry goodness. It’s juicy and syrupy, but dry at the same time, there are also some liquorice and mint notes.


Incredibly long and powerful with thumping sherry notes, tobacco, wood and lots of nuts. Those flavours of walnuts and pecan last forever.

It amazes me every single time, that’s why I bought three bottles without hesitation. It’s a good reminder of the fact that age and price doesn’t always matter. For a 3yo cask strength of roughly 60 euros with such incredibly flavours, this is what I call a true treasure.

What’s your personal treasure-bottle?

Ardmore 2003-2017 – Malts of Scotland