2 March 2018

Tomatin 14yo Port Casks

An underrated gem. This extremely affordable 14 year old Tomatin Port Casks has a port finish as we like to see it. Not too overpowering and not too weak, but just right.

The rest of the aspects also lie beautifully within the Goldilocks zone. The spicy bourbon and portwood influences, together with the sweet Tomatin style form a creamy mouthfeel and a whisky that seems like the right choice for every time you need an easy but also not too common sipper.

Tasting notes


Warm, sweet and rounded, sweet pudding, grapes and dried red fruits.


Smooth and creamy, builds up towards spicy oakiness, red fruits and grapes. Almost feels like a red wine cask maturation.


Tingling and medium long with chocolate coated hazelnuts, wine infused wood and spicy cake.

Simply enjoyable.