23 August 2018

GlenAllachie 18yo

It’s time to review the third expression from the new GlenAllachie core-range.

This expression also has matured in three types of casks: American oak, Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso casks. Why three? I don’t know, but we’ll see how it plays out. Till now this range didn’t impress me, it lacks some focus: many flavours but nothing really stands out. Nothing that says: “Hey this is what GlenAllachie’s all about!” But it also didn’t scare me off. Good thing to keep in mind: we tasted all four expressions back to back.

Tasting notes


Subdued warmth, dried apricots, cooked apples, a hint of ginger.


Chocolate, honey, leathery, oaky and a nice hint of peanuts. Winter spices are here, it makes the palate a bit musty and slightly bitter, but it’s doable.


Honey, orchard fruits, nutshells, lime-peels, ginger, raisins and a slight savoury whiff at the end. Almost like cooked meat.

While the 12yo was a bit warmer, this one is more vibrant and fresh again. In terms of flavours, it’s like the next step from the 10yo Cask Strength. The bitter ginger and lemon peel notes are undeniable, although they’re less present than in the 12 and 10. It’s up to you to you like it or not. But in comparison with the other expressions, for me, this one’s heading in the right direction. The savoury finish is a nice surprise!