17 March 2018

The Wild Geese Single Malt

Here’s to you, paddies and fellow whisk(e)y lovers! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day you all!

The bottle states: “With each new generation, there is a new legacy. Raise your glass, remember them.” We couldn’t have said it better.

The story behind this is as follows: when Ireland was divided by injustice and natural disaster, the soldiers and refugees were forces to set sail to other countries. They became known as The Wild Geese. Their ultimate goal: freedom for everyone.

This bottle celebrated the achievements of the Irish. A good story and well suitable for a day like this.

Tasting notes


Vanilla biscuits, cereals, barley, vanilla, coconut and oak.


Buttery, vanilla, orchard fruits and oak.


The cookies develop into a sweeter, fruitier finish, with a warming hint of cinnamon and strawberries.

This dram doesn’t make your tastebuds explode, but it’s very enjoyable. The dominant notes of biscuit and the second layer of fruits, make it a whiskey I immediately recognize.