20 April 2018

Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 002

Tamdhu, often overlooked, even by us. But we heard some good stories about their Batch Strength Series, so why not try one?

We bought the Batch 002. The bottle stands out, it looks like a vintage Coca Cola bottle, with delicious looking red liquid inside. The price is reasonable, it’s a good competitor for the all known A’bunadh. But how does it taste? We asked 2 weeks ago what you would choose, A’bunadh was the clear winner with a whopping 80% out of 160 voters. Is it because Aberlour A’bunadh is more known? Let’s find out.

Tasting notes


A leather jacket and unmistakably the aromas of cherry marmalade, it’s sweet, dry and woody, with hints of toasted bread and strawberries


The palate is also very cherry marmalade-like, while an a’Bunadh tends to be more fruity and woody, this Tamdhu is darker and leans toward a walnutty bitterness, surrounded by black cherries. The alcohol is strong with this one, but it’s manageable. A drop op of water could be a good idea, but giving it some time to warm in the palm of your hands works better for us.


The finish is nutty, with dried cherries, an old wooden cabinet and sweet tobacco.

This is a good dram! I think it’s a matter of preference if you like A’bunadh of Tamdhu Batch Strength more, we can’t complain about the quality. I personally prefer A’bunadh (especially batch 47), because I like a more crisp, dry and woody dram. This Tamdhu tastes a lot like cherry marmalade, so if that’s your thing, you’re in for a treat!

Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 002