17 February 2021

Glenlivet 12yo 2007 Cask Strength The Ultimate by Van Wees

Which whiskies you started your journey with? For me it was a trio of Famous Grouse, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet. I had an arrange of different bottlings and tested my palate by figuring out the differences and resemblances.

My early whisky journey can be divided into certain periods, when I closed my ‘fiddich/’livet/grouse period, I moved on to other brands distilleries, like Glendronach, Glen Garioch and Aberlour. I happened to buy one or two of this earlier trio later on, but mostly left these aside. In the case of Glenlivet, I stuck with the Nàdurra series, of which I still enjoy the 16yo and the peated cask.

When I came across this bottle, I was offered a taste by the shop owner. I didn’t expect too much, but my tastebuds literally exploded. In a very, very good way. So I went home with this 12yo cask strength Glenlivet bottled by Van Wees, with the hefty ABV of 64.4%.

Arriving at home, and upon opening this bottle, I had a harder time getting the same experience. The bottle at the shop had already breathed for a while, so I drank this bottle over the course of one and a half years and counting, very patiently. It keeps getting better and better, and a splash of water is very recommended.

Tasting notes


Dry, spicy, aniseed, cinnamon, licorice, amarena cherries, orange zest, rum, bourbon, dark chocolate


Full and dry, red fruits, oranges, biscuits, cherries, dark chocolate, dates, raisins


Dry, figs, spices, thick sherry and wood, strawberries and nuts

This whisky is best enjoyed when your palate is clean, despite its high percentage. Its zesty character and long and dry sherry finish leave you with an aftertaste that’s hard to beat, especially when you’re into sherrybombs.

Glenlivet 12yo 2007 Cask Strength The Ultimate by Van Wees