15 August 2020

Craigellachie 13yo

Long time no see, we’ve reintroduced Craigellachie 13yo in our collection since quite a few years. I believe it was about 6 years ago, when this expression was just introduced. In the meantime we bought many (young) independently bottled ones, and they always seem to surprise.

The Craigellachie distillery is one of the few distilleries that use worm tubs for condensing their spirit, which results in a somewhat meaty taste. And that’s pretty noticeable in younger higher strength expressions. The reason we bought the official bottling again, is to see whether we pick up these notes here too, because we can’t quite recall if that was the case back when we weren’t as seriously tasting whiskies as we do now:

Tasting notes


Ah, this brings back memories! Carrot cake, a fresh pack of cigarettes, copper stills, parma ham (although very subtle), green apples, pear, white grapes and a fresh newspaper in the morning.


Dry, woody and slightly savoury, with hints of vanilla and tobacco.


The finish starts savoury with a hint of crab sticks, but it soon transforms into something more tropical and sweet, with banana, merengue and citrus pie. This all on top of a classic oaky character.

It’s so funny, that you’re immediately put back in the moment of around 6 years ago, with just the taste of whisky. Smell and taste really are incredible mechanisms to bring back vivid memories, we think that’s quite underrated in our modern human society. That’s why we always keep 10cl of every bottle we ever owned, it’s like a great archive of wonderful whiskies and memories.

Now back to the whisky itself. It’s a classic with some very interesting notes on the nose and palate, that’s for sure. But it’s also very safe, we personally like ourselves some challenge, which many independent bottles are able to give us. We do think it’s a must try at least once in your journey though. Have you?