15 August 2018

GlenAllachie 12yo

After the fresh and crisp 10 years old, we’re going to have a look at the 12 years old. It underwent a slightly different cask treatment than its brothers: PX, Oloroso and virgin oak. The 10, 18 and 25 year old went for bourbon instead of virgin oak. What’s interesting, is that this one’s softer and warmer than the 10 and 18. I’d expect more wood and freshness, that’s funny!

Bottled at 46% and two more years of maturation, it’s a different experience than the more spirit driven 10yo. However, ginger, citrus peels and nutshells notes give away their kinship. The 12 is slightly bitter even, I’m not sure if I like that a lot. But personal taste aside, there’s a lot going on in here:

Tasting notes


Fruity (mostly strawberry and raspberry), leathery, subtle dried fruits, chocolate peanuts


Nutshells, leather, tingling and a bitter waxy flavour, reminds me a bit of a farm


Starts fresh and tingling, evolves into a waxy finish with nutshells, orange peels, a hint of smoke dried barley, pear, walnuts and ginger spices

We tasted this one in combination with the 10, 18 and 25 years old. And while we are yet to reveal our results of the latter two, let me lift the veil a little bit: The 12 feels like the odd one out, it’s warmer and more bitter, a bit dull even. The 18 brings the freshness of the 10 back and is a lot more vivid. But again, it’s all personal preference, since Dion liked the 12 more than I did. So let’s just say that GlenAllachie did a good job on adding slight difference, which makes it a range for everyone.