5 February 2019

Tamdhu 12yo

Tamdhu is a Speyside distillery which is worth some of your attention. I started exploring this distillery with their cask strength (batch 2) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a good competitor against the well known Aberlour A’bunadh, which sadly is increasingly becoming a shadow of what it used to be.

But let’s focus on Tamdhu’s core range. This 12yo was introduced last year and accompanies the 10yo, which is a pretty good dram, almost perfect in its own way. Just like the 10yo, this 12yo has matured solely on Oloroso sherry casks, is non-coloured and non-chill-filtered. I have a gut feeling that the 12yo, despite its higher age, is somewhat less daring. But let’s just see how it tastes:

Tasting notes


Cherries, dartboard, a but musty and a hint of whipped cream and a strawberry milkshake


A typical smooth sherry matured whisky. Balanced wood and sherry influence and a note of fresh cherries. Enjoyable and gentle, but a bit boring.


Elegantly sherried, drying gently into raisins, ginger and lime.

I would say that this one would be a perfect introduction to sherry matured single malts. It doesn’t hurt in any way, thus it’s a bit boring. I liked the crispness of the 10yo, I’m missing that in this expression. It’s a well crafted dram nonetheless, baring a proper age statement, bottled at 43% and ticks all the boxes in terms of non-chill-filltration and non-colouring. Perfect for starters, but if you’re looking for something more punchy, check out the Cask Strength expression.

Tamdhu 12yo