24 April 2019

BenRiach 10yo Curiositas

What are you pouring on this whisky Wednesday? We’re totally in for a peated BenRiach!

The 10yo Curiositas is a good whisky for people who are looking into peat, but don’t like the medical style that often goes along with it.

To us, the “BenRiach-style peat” is always sweet and sugary, which is nicely demonstrated by this 46% ABV bang for your buck:

Tasting notes


Shoe polish, citrus, apples, melon and sweet malt.


Beautifully fruity, a transition from lemons into orchard fruits and gently introducing the finish with liquorice root and slightly savoury notes.


Sweet barley and peat, a whiff of smoke, earth and dry-cured ham.

Without a doubt a great starter and a welcome change so now and then!