18 July 2018

Highland Park Einar

Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice. Words to live by, but taking a wee dram of this Highland Park Einar will warm you up in no time, and it takes less effort to do so. Choose wisely.

Einar, once ruler of Orkney, is the name of this Warrior-series, (mostly) travel-exclusive, bottle. A Viking Warrior in a bottle, sounds very promising, but is it?

Tasting notes


Typical Highland Park, some smoke, fruity notes, but overall he’s a bit shy.


Bonfire-smoke, warm and dried fruits, some green apple is definitely in there. Vanilla, pineapple and peppers. Since it’s bottled on a 40% ABV we didn’t add any water.


Vanilla with a smoky influence, well-balanced but nothing special, unfortunately.

This could be your everyday dram, easy to drink for a reasonable price. To be honest it lacks a bit of depth in our opinion, but it blends perfectly well with some Hot & Spicy Doritos for example.

Get your friends over, pull out your drinking horns, blast some Amon Amarth or Kvelertak through your stereo set and share a dram of this Einar. Go get that full Viking Experience! Skål!