2 August 2022

Glengoyne Legacy Series Chapter 3

We live in a time where we almost can’t escape our busy lives anymore, our family, friends and work are begging for our attention, sometimes one by one, but often these three are fighting to get what they deserve at the same time. It is hard to prioritize every now and then, but it helps a lot to keep all the plates spinning.

Therefore we need to regain our energy and unwind with things we really enjoy. Glengoyne definitely knows how to fullfil our needs with this beautiful Chapter three of the Legacy series. The package went with a special box ‘The Offline Edition’, which will truly help us with this quest of enjoying a dram without distraction by blocking our phones’ signals. And that is something we crave for more than ever.

Dedicated to Sir Arthur John Tedder, the ‘exercise man’ of Glengoyne back in the day, this is a lovely addition to the already successful Legacy series. Matured in the finest American oak sherry casks, Sir Arthur would be proud of this exceptional whisky. Here’s what we thought of it:

Tasting notes


Orchard fruits, granola, marzipan and popcorn to start with. A bit waxy, some honey, greens and bamboo.


A very fruity palate with rosehip and tropical flavours, creamy with oak and champagne towards the finish.


A tropical finish with coconut and orange peel. Dark chocolate, butter and apple syrup in the end.

This sure is something else compared to the previous chapters, you can really tell they took their ‘unhurried’ motto very seriously because good things definitely take time!

We’d like to thank our friends at @monnikdranken for another extraordinary dram, this legacy will live on forever!

Glengoyne Legacy Series Chapter 3