29 October 2020

Blair Athol 1988-2014 25yo by the Ultimate

The temperature has dropped, the whisky season has officially started! We drink whisky all year long, but some drams just taste better when it’s cold outside. Oh baby, when it’s cold outside.

This van Wees The Ultimate Blair Athol 1988 is one of them. This whisky performs incredibly well under cold circumstances and will be my go-to whisky before, during and after our Christmas-dinner this year. Maybe I will pour this dram on regular winter days as well, who knows.

Matured for 25 years in a refill sherry butt, this is something special. I personally think that it’s a very thin line between well done and overdone when it comes to a 25+ year old spirit, especially with a maturation like this. Luckily this dram is well balanced:

Tasting notes


Makes you think of an old Glendronach, very creamy, spicy wood and that typical sherry touch with tobacco, raisins and dark chocolate. It’s like an old spice perfume!


More of that Glendronach feeling on the palate as well, full and rich notes like wood and raisins. Very dry but juicy at the same time.


Despite the 46% abv it’s a very rich and long finish with sweet and fruity raisins. The sherry but maturation comes to full power. This will keep you entertained for some time!

Lately I really dig it when I can taste the maturity of a whisky. Not all ‘older’ whiskies live up to their expectations, and sometimes the maturation is overdone or completely loses its power over the years. This dram is incredibly balanced. It’ll give you the feeling that you are drinking a very mature glass of whisky, but combined with the power of the sherry maturation like it’s a younger cask strength. This is an absolute original, one of a kind and makes you craving for more.

Blair Athol 1988-2014 25yo by the Ultimate