6 February 2019

Balblair 1989 3rd release

This Balblair was gifted to me by a shop owner when he fell victim of another buying spree of mine. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good sign, just ask my wallet and please don’t tell my wife.

I don’t have much experience with Balblair, I bought my first bottle last year and it was a sherry cask matured one.  So it’s nice to try a bourbon barrel matured expression too. This one was distilled in 1989 and bottled in 2012, so it’s around 22 years old.

The natural colour is bright and vibrant and looks juicy. The taste:

Tasting notes


Pineapple juice and pleasantly earthy. Fruity, spicy, oak and food for your guinea pig. Toffee and a very subtle trace of smoked wood and cocoa powder.


Juicy pineapple, vanilla and fruit, fresh wood, creamy and gentle. A bit earthy, mineral and with a malty sweetness.


Tropical and woody, fresh and fruity. A trace of wood smoke and bitter spices. A bit ordinary, but highly enjoyable for sure.

Nothing wrong with this lad. Despite its age and the ABV of 46% the wood hasn’t taken over, that’s a good thing. It’s beautifully vibrant and playful. It’s nothing special, but a pretty fine daily dram, as you can see from the contents that are left after 2 months.

How about your shopping sprees? Ever had a shop owner who has given you something to thank you for clearing his shelves?

Balblair 1989 3rd release